12 Stylish Necklaces For That Classic Look


Want a chic necklace that won’t let you down? Look no further than this list of 12 stylish necklaces for the classic look! From a floating diamond necklace to an alphabet necklace, you’ll find the perfect piece to accessorize your look. But if you’re looking for something different, scroll down to see our selection of fancier designs or bolder pieces with a punch.

1. Floating Diamond Necklace

Are you looking for a statement necklace that won’t break the bank? You’ll need to add this floating diamond necklace from Serenity Silver to your wardrobe. With an 11 carat of diamonds, this piece is worth every penny!

2. 14k Gold Alphabet Necklace

This 14k gold alphabet necklace is perfect for the girl who can’t pick a font. Switch through all the letters to find your favorite.

3. On Repeat Layering Set

This layering set from Reena Skye is a subtle, but stylish combination. It’s ideal for a night out or even class!

4. Parker Mini Layering Set

Parker’s Mini Layering Set makes it easy and affordable to accessorize your look. This set of 6 necklaces is made of solid 14k gold and can be customized with up to 18 stones.

5. Parker Necklace

This Parker necklace is made of a twisted cable chain and is sure to be a go-to for any occasion.

6. Wilder Alphabet Necklace

Wilder’s Alphabet Necklaces are the perfect gift for a girl with an “anything goes” style. From simple designs to fancy calligraphy, you can choose from more than 16 different fonts to make this piece your own.

7. Sunset Etched Necklace

If you prefer styles with a punch, you’ll love this sunset-inspired necklace. It makes for a great addition to any outfit!

8. Bespoke Parker Mini Layering Set (Gold)

Bespoke Parker’s necklaces let you create your own jewelry set and make it truly one of a kind. This 14k gold version comes with 7 necklaces and an adjustable chain for the perfect fit.

9. Venice Layering Set

This Venice layering set is a great way to accessorize a fun outfit! With multiple pendants and settings, you can create endless looks. The designs are made of solid 14k gold and available in 8 different colors.

10. California Dreaming Layering Set

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all swimsuits? Then the Lake High Rise Bikini Bottom is made for you. Its elastic waistband stretches for a great fit and handmade embroidery on the back adds a fun, playful touch. The fabric is also quick drying and you can put it in your washing machine with bleach to give it a fresh, new look.

11. Bali Necklace

The ultimate must-have, this Bali necklace will be an everyday staple for your wardrobe. With a detachable chain and 2.2″ drop, this piece is great for all the girls who love a bit of va-va-voom.

12. Parker Layering Set

If you want to create more than one piece of jewelry at a time, get creative and create your own Layering Sets! This set comes with 4 necklaces, as well as multiple rings, bracelets, and earrings to give your look the perfect pop!

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