10 Women Shorts And Skirts That You Should Add To Your Wardrobe


There is never a bad time to add a few new items to your wardrobe. As the weather gets hotter during late spring and summer, you should be looking at women shorts and skirts. There are plenty of different models and styles to choose from. What matters is that you find something that suits you best and keeps you comfortable throughout the summer.

10. Atg By Wrangler Women’s Fwds Zip Pocket Short

The ATG by Wrangler women’s shorts are an ideal choice for active individuals. They are made from a durable material that does not tear and has a comfortable but tight fit. The shorts feature zippered pockets and are available in either olive or black.

9. ATG by Wrangler Women’s Trail Utility Skort

If you are looking for practical women shorts and skirts, you may want to check out the ATG Trail Utility Skort from Wrangler. They are made with two large pockets in the front and have a relaxed fit. The skirt is mostly suitable for active women, part of the All Terrain Gear collection from Wrangler.

8. Wrangler Women’s Retro Mae Short

Everyone loves a pair of jean shorts. These shorts from Wrangler have a classic design that still looks youthful and modern. They have a mid-rise, a regular fit, and feature front and back pockets. The shorts can be found in one color and nine different sizes.

7. Wrangler 75th Anniversary Women’s Rework Americana Short

If you are looking for something more youthful and colorful, the 75th Anniversary Americana Short from Wrangler should be on your list. Inspired by the American flag, the shorts have a relaxed fit and an ultra-short length that makes them very comfortable to wear.

6. Wrangler Women’s Carpenter Short

The Women’s Carpenter shorts from Wrangler are a viable choice if you do not like the classic jean shorts. They are made using high-quality cotton and feature large front pockets and two rear pockets. The shorts have a relaxed fit and come in two different colors.

5. Atg By Wrangler Women’s Hydro Short

If you are looking for women shorts and skirts that you can wear at the beach, the Hydro Short from Wrangler is worth checking out. Made from a thin material that is lightweight and durable, the shorts are excellent for a day at the beach. They are made to be comfortable and easy to wear.

4. Wrangler Women’s Brite Tech High Rise Bermuda

Not all women shorts and skirts have to be short. You can find a nice pair of Bermuda shorts that do not feel dated such as the ones made by Wrangler. Using a blend of mostly cotton and polyester, the fabric of the Bermuda shorts is thin, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.

3. Atg By Wrangler Women’s Mixed Material Short

The Mixed Material Short from Wrangler is extremely versatile. They are the kind of shorts that you can wear at home, at the beach or outdoors. The pants are made from a special fabric that stretches easily to ensure a comfortable fit.

2. Atg By Wrangler Women’s Compression Short

Finding something comfortable to wear at the gym can be difficult. The Wrangler compression shorts can be a great choice due to their durable material and comfortable fit. Designed to stretch and offer compression on the upper tighs, the shorts are ideal for workouts or spending time in the great outdoors.

1. Wrangler Women’s Skirtall

If you are looking for women shorts and skits, the Skirtall from Wrangler should be on your list. The model features large pockets on the chest and side pockets for essentials. It is made entirely out of cotton and has a relaxed fit.

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