Top Matching Techinques


First, basic

All tops have matching bottoms. There are exceptions to this rule, but I don’t suggest you buy those until you master the basics.

Second, knowing your body type

This is a simple one that a lot of people seem to forget: You can’t wear anything that doesn’t suit your body type. The best way to determine your body type is to look at yourself in the mirror naked. If you have a pear shape, wear bottoms that flatter this such as boxers and thongs. If you’re an apple, wear briefs and G-strings that bring out your features.

Third , color coordination

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the colors of lingerie, but I’m going to break it down for you. Wear light colors on top if your skin has warm tones or tan easily. This will bring out the colors in your skin and make you appear sun-kissed. If your skin has cool tones, wear dark colors on top so they stand out more against your paler skin.

Fourth, keep it clean

If you’re wearing something don’t wear it. It’s that simple.

Sixth , fit is everything

Make sure your underwear fits you properly before buying them. Just because they’re the same size as your old ones doesn’t mean they willing sheer, refrain from wearing light-colored underwear unless they’re white. In general, darker undergarments will go better with lighter fabrics.

Fifth, only lace if you have the confidence

Lace looks great on a lot of people and it can accentuate your curves in a really nice way, but don’t ever lie to yourself about your true self-esteem. If you can’t look into the mirror without wanting to cry,

Keep your lingerie fresh by laundering items after each use. If you’re squeezing in more than one wear out of an item, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning to kill germs and remove body oil stains. Also, think about the fabric your clothes are made of before washing them because delicates such as lace and chiffon must be hand-washed.

Fifth, wear what fits

I know everyone says this, but it’s really true. Clothes that are too big won’t look good on you regardless of body type or color coordination so get the proper size for your measurements. If you’ve got a bit extra around the middle, a thong will help tuck it in and make your stomach look flatter. If you’re on the leaner side, choose briefs instead of boxers to show off your rear end.

Sixth, variety is key

If you like cheap lingerie (like me), you need things that match with multiple outfits. For this reason, I prefer selection over one-piece underwear. G-strings and briefs go with almost everything from jogging pants to a business suit. Stock up on a wide variety in your favorite colors and you’ll be walking around in style in no time!

Finally, find something to wear under it all

The right kind of underwear can make or break an outfit. That’s why I wear what I wear; it makes me feel good about myself no matter what I’m wearing. My favorite garments are G-strings because they hug my body like a second skin and don’t interfere with my endowment like briefs sometimes do.

Hope you learned something new today

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