The Wedding Dress And Simple Wedding Ideas


What is that, what are you looking for? A wedding dress or a simple bridal gown? There are several definitions of the word “simple” in the dictionary. Among them are “arithmetic mean”, “easy to understand”, “unadorned” and so on.

The simplest definition would be, I think, the most approachable, that is, “without decoration.” In other words, a simple bridal gown.

In the wedding dress picture gallery, you will see more than 100 types of wedding dresses. Each one is designed with its own style and characteristics. It’s not just about how to wear it, but also about your personality and status in life. The following are some tips about how to choose a wedding dress, there are simple ideas.

1, the proportion of the body is appropriate

2, color match according to skin color. You can’t wear red in pale white with yellow undertones because it’s practically impossible for most people to carry off. The same goes for wearing any shade of cream on a black base.

3, avoid embellishment and wear a little jewelry

4, the style is in line with your own characteristics. Some people love modern fashion, some classic concepts. In this case, you need to know yourself well when you choose a wedding dress.

5, You can use a simple tiara or flower in your hair.

6, choose a simple and stylish wedding dress.

7, choose a suitable length (include half-length and full-length). Most Western brides prefer long dresses that touch the ground; some like short dresses. If you take into account your stature and figure, then consider wearing a short skirt or buy shoes with heels to make you look taller.

8, The length of wedding dress is inversely proportional to the size of the upper body. If you have a thin upper body and short legs, then choose a long dress with a tight bodice; if your upper body is big or you are tall, then choose an A line or mermaid style.

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