What To Expect About Fashion In Spring 2022 – A Quick Look


With September and October being the months where all the SS22 fashion shows took place, we could easily see next year’s ready-to-wear collections and start thinking about how we going to approach that season. Miu Miu’s return of the low-waist mini-skirt? Gucci’s Hollywood-inspired looks? Louis Vuitton timeless embellished dresses? It is safe to say we had a lot of options and plenty of different looks to go for. Paris Fashion Week was a blast, specially in a (hopefully soon) post-Covid era. An era that also goes for slow fashion, for going back to the origins, the handcraft. It is better for the planet, and better for us. Fast fashion has truly become an enemy, a very powerful one. Stores like SheIn or Fashionnova, to name a couple, are incredibly successful, and yet so bad for the environment.

But back to the collections of this year, Spring 2022 is promising and lights up these obscure times. Catwalks were back, something that seemed like a far away dream. Starting in New York, then London, Milan and finally Paris, the fashion world woke up from this long and terrible nightmare. It surpassed everyone’s expectations, it brought joy and style to our lives again. Lacoste and its fresh textures, Alexander McQueen’s post-pandemic rebirth and the illusions of Maison Margiela’s Dutch fishermen, it all seems a reminder of one thing: we don’t know what the next day is going to bring us; better said, we don’t even know if there’s going to be another day, so we better seize this one and make the most out of it. The pandemic has truly been a blessing in disguise (for some of us), and we can include the fashion industry in this. The rebirth. Stronger. More determined. Willing to be more ourselves than ever. Willing TO LIVE AGAIN.

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