10 Premium Suitcases For Travel


Perhaps you’ve got a holiday booked or are planning an upcoming trip. If so, it’s time to start getting prepared and ensure you’ve got a suitcase that all your belongings will fit into. Whether it’s a short stay and you only need carry-on luggage, or a longer trip and you need checked baggage, you’ll want to ensure you’ve chosen the right suitcase for you. Here, we’ll give you ten suitcases you can buy online with different sizes, styles, and features. That way, you can find the one that fits your needs.

1) The Carry-on

The Carry-On suitcase is light, and has a tough polycarbonate outing that makes it built to protect against any knocks causing damage. It’s perfect for fit as cabin baggage in overhead holding spots on planes. It’s wheels allow it to spin at 360 degrees, and it’s smooth and easy to carry.

2) The Bigger Carry-on

The Bigger Carry-On comes in a multitude of colors, including blue, green, white, and pink. It has all of the same features as the regular Carry-On, with the addition of being larger in size.

3) The Carry-on Flex

The Carry-On Flex option is a great option that’s suitable for extended stays, layovers, and carrying gifts in that you bring home.

4) The Medium Flex

Medium Flex is a checked bag, allowing you more space for packing items. With it, you have 1.75 inches more of space, so plenty of room to make it fit.

5) The Large Flex

This is the largest suitcase that Away Travel offers. It’s a limited edition suitcase, and perfect for your summer holidays. It’s durable, you can expand the zipper for more room, it includes an interior compression, and a TSA combination lock to keep your items safe.

6) The Carry-on: Aluminium Edition

The Aluminium Carry-On is similar to the regular Carry-On, but with an aluminium shell. It’s a fantastic carry on bag, is unique, and fits well into planes, trains, or car trips.

7) The Large: Aluminium Edition

The Aluminium Large suitcase is the same in feature and function to the Aluminium Carry-On, but with extra size and space. It’s durable and protects against the wear of the handles. It’s 360 degrees spinning wheels make is easy to carry across airports, platforms, and along cobbled streets.

8) The Bigger Carry-on With Pocket

The main difference between this one and the smaller, original Carry-On with Pocket is that it comes with a water-resistant nylon pocket. This sits on the outside of the suitcase and can allow for extra packing. Add in your boarding pass or laptop with this bag as it’s features allow.

9) The Carry-On with Pocket

It’s durable, flexible to be taken on different types of trips, and has a water-resistant nylon exterior for packing more. It carries smoothly with its 360 degrees wheels, and an inside compression allows your belongings to be protected.

10) The Medium Aluminium Edition

Coming in rose gold, onyx black, and silver, you can take your pick of which of these colors you like. It’s one size smaller than the Large Aluminium edition, but is still suitable for checked baggage.

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