10 Sweaters That You Should Add To Your Wardrobe


Sweaters are extremely versatile. Your wardrobe should include at least a couple of sweaters. Even in the summer, you will notice cooler days or chilly nights when a sweater certainly comes in handy. If you already have a few sweaters, maybe it is time to review your wardrobe with a few fresh pieces. Here are 10 sweaters that are stylish and comfortable.

10. Multicolored Cable Knit Sweater

If you are looking for something more casual that you can wear for every occasion, the multicolored cable knit sweater is worth considering. Made out of cotton and with a v-neck, the sweater maintains an appealing and stylish look. The sweater has a relaxed fit and is machine wash safe.

9. Ruffle Neck Cotton Sweater

Sweaters with short sleeves are becoming extremely popular. The Ruffle Neck Cotton Sweater has a stylish design with artisanal quality knitting. It is made entirely out of cotton and comes in a modern olive green color.

8. Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater

If you like turtleneck sweaters, you will enjoy this one. Made to be thicker than regular sweaters, the Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater is ideal for the cold season. With a classic knit pattern and a relaxed fit, the sweater is easy to match with any outfit.

7. Braid-Sleeve Tunic

While tunics have their category, in reality, they are just longer sweaters. The Braid-Sleeve Tunic is one of those sweaters that can be worn with anything. With a double row of braids, the sweater looks stylish while the tight fit complements the natural curves of the body.

6. Color Block Turtleneck

The Color Block Turtleneck is a classic sweater. With a simple design, the sweater proves to be ideal for a more formal outfit. The block pattern with colored strips adds a modern twist. To add a contemporary vibe to the sweater, the cuffs have been decorated with buttons.

5. Cowl Neck Dolman Sleeve Sweater

Not everyone likes a tight sweater. A relaxed-fit sweater with an oversized turtle neck is ideal if comfort is what you seek. Made to be comfortable and keep you warm at the same time, the sweater is an ideal pick for the cold season.

4. Long Sleeve Zip Neck Sweater

If you are on the market for a sweater that you can wear confidently at work or on a night out, the Long Sleeve Zip Neck Sweater may prove to be a viable choice. Made out of soft and comfortable fabric, the zippered sweater features a classic stripe pattern and a tight fit.

3. Cashmere-Blend Button Polo Sweater

Everyone loves cashmere. This novel fabric is considered to be the most comfortable and luxurious material. The Cashmere polo sweater is a great option to renew your wardrobe with something versatile that you can match with any type of outfit.

2. Black + White Striped Lace-Up Sweater

A youthful sweater is all about modern patterns and a comfortable fit. The Black + White Striped Lace-Up Sweater features three-quarter sleeves which makes it ideal if you like to wear jewelry. It has a simple black and white pattern and a laced v-neck.

1. Multi-Stripe Cardigan

The Multi-Stripe Cardigan is one of those sweaters that you can wear confidently with a formal outfit at the office or with a more casual style at home. Made out of a blend of cotton and viscose, the sweater is both soft and comfortable to wear.

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