12 Best Travel Bags For Your Next Adventure Trip


Travel bags are your second home when you go out there and explore the vast world. When you travel solo, your travel bag will be your only companion through ups and downs. It has to be strong and spacious enough to carry all your essential items. It also has to have pockets so your stuff remains organized inside it. Looking for the best travel bag to accompany you on your next adventure trip? Here are the best travel bags from the brand Away that you can choose from.

1. F.A.R. Duffle 55L

The F.A.R. means for all routes. This bag can conquer any terrain that you want to explore. It’s a medium-sized bag where you can fit one week’s worth of necessary items like your camping gear. With its convertible padded straps, you can carry this bag on your back.

2. F.A.R. Duffle 70L

If your trip requires you to bring weeks’ worth of gear then this duffel bag is your kind of travel bag. It offers a huge space for all your essential items. The fabric material used to make this bag is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. It also has convertible padded straps.

3. The Everywhere Bag

From the name itself, this travel bag is for everywhere you might want to explore. What’s special about this travel bag is its well-thought-out compartments. Inside are several pockets to keep your stuff organized. To give you an idea of its size, a 15-inch laptop can fit inside it.

4. The Everywhere Zip Backpack

If you’re not a fan of duffel bags but still need an everywhere bag, then go for this Everywhere Zip Backpack. This bag also has the compartments that are typical among Everywhere Bags from the brand Away. Inside, you can fit a 15-inch laptop, a water bottle, books, and clothes. It also comes with padded shoulder straps, so it’s very comfortable to carry around.

5. F.A.R. Messenger 16L

A backpack or a duffel bag is not enough when you go traveling. You need a small sling bag where you can put your passport, phone, and wallet. This way, you can easily access them when you need them. This messenger bag is definitely worth the purchase. It’s durable, lightweight, and water-resistant.

6. The Two-Way Crossbody Bag

If you’re looking for a sling bag that you can carry everywhere while you explore new places, this bag is your go-to. With its adjustable strap, you can make this bag a crossbody bag or a sling bag, whichever you feel matches your outfit. It comes with a detachable zip pouch which you can place inside the bag to organize your stuff.

7. The Packable Backpack

This travel bag is collapsible, which means that you can fold it and then use it later. You can use this for souvenir items that don’t fit anymore in your duffel bag. It’s lightweight and durable, so it will definitely last a long time.

8. The Pet Carrier

With this bag, you don’t have to worry anymore about leaving your pet alone in your house. Bring your dog or cat on your adventure trip and add more fun to it. It comes with sherpa bedding, so your pet stays cozy inside. It also has compartments for your pet’s stuff. It’s water-resistant and very durable.

9. The Garment Bag

If you have to take garments with you that need extra care, this garment bag can help. You can fit two suits here. It comes with interior pockets for your shoes. The exterior pockets are for your other gear. Lastly, it comes with a zip-out hook, so you can just hang it inside the closet after you’ve arrived at your accommodation.

10. F.A.R. Convertible Backpack 45L

This bag can be converted into a backpack or into a duffel bag. It can carry five days’ worth of travel gear. Inside and outside of this bag are multiple compartments you can use to organize all your stuff. When in backpack mode, you can use the chest straps to make the bag easier to carry.

11. The Laptop Bag

Do you still need to work while you’re on vacation? Then you definitely have to have this laptop bag. It comes with a padded laptop pocket wherein you can fit a 15-inch laptop. Aside from that, it also has small compartments for your charger, notebooks, and pens.

12. The Summer Tote

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tote bag. For women who tend to carry a lot of items when they travel, this tote bag can help them organize all of their things. This bag stands out because of its unique color pattern, which definitely speaks of summer.

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