Blue Nile Men’s Wedding Rings


Since 1999, Blue Nile has been making wedding and engagement rings of excellent quality at a low price. These fine jewelry pieces are specially handcrafted to bond partners during their wedding. This article will give you 12 of the best wedding rings for men available at the Blue Nile.

1Brushed And Polished (White Tungsten Carbide)

A minimalist wedding ring for men, this ring comes in white and durable metal with a brushed finish in the middle and the polished edges make the brushed design stand out.

2Classic Band

One of the most preferred pieces from the Blue Nile, the classic band is made from polished platinum which can be bought at a low price. With its universal design, it can match formal gatherings as well as everyday clothing.

3Brushed And Polished (Black Tungsten Carbide)

This piece is a unique material for a wedding ring. It comes on a black tungsten carbide which highlights the smooth finish on the sides.

4Classic Wedding Ring (4mm)

This ring is the most classic among all wedding rings in this collection. Its design looks expensive for its price, which makes this Classic Wedding Ring a popular choice among grooms.

5Classic Wedding Ring (5mm)

Another classic wedding ring, but this design comes in thicker width. It comes on a 14k yellow gold material perfect for the lifelong bond of husband and wife.

6Mid-Weight Wedding Band

The wedding ring comes on a 5mm platinum material which is another classic design from the Blue Nile chosen by many grooms. The high-polished finish on curve edges makes it look elegant and comfortable to wear.

7Classic Wedding Ring (3mm)

Though this is one of the thinnest wedding rings from the classic wedding ring line, this platinum ring is lightweight and still looks elegant as well as for everyday wear.

8Matte Wedding Ring

Almost the same as the classic wedding rings, it differs only in the finish. Its brushed finish makes gives a modern design to a classic wedding ring. It comes in different metals such as 14 k rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

9Classic Wedding Ring (5mm Platinum)

Like the other classic styles, it comes on polished platinum with a width of 5mm. It is a low-profile wedding ring which makes it look good even on laid-back clothing.

10Comfort-Fit in White Tungsten (6mm)

One of the thickest rings in this collection, this ring comes in white or gray tungsten carbide. It weighs more than the other rings since it is made with more metal. However, it still slides easily on the fingers without any pressure making it comfortable to wear.

11Classic Wedding Ring (3mm Yellow Gold)

Since this classic ring comes in thinner width, it is lightweight in that you would not feel that you are wearing the ring. The polished finish of this yellow gold ring complements an engagement ring of the same material when worn.

12Brushed and Polished (Gray Tungsten Carbide)

Another piece with dual design, the matte finish in the middle complements the polished edges for a contemporary aesthetic. With its 6mm width, it is sure to stand out and be visible when worn.

All of these wedding rings can be ordered in your preferred size. However, some of the designs cannot be resized if it doesn’t fit you well. You may also request an engravement on the ring before you check out your order.

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