5 Pairs Of Glasses Online


Glasses come in many shapes and styles, and can cover different types of use. For example, you might need glasses to protect your eyes from the sun, or for blocking out blue light late at night. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll show five different pairs of glasses that you can buy online.

1) Bixby Blue Light Glasses

Bixby Blue Light Glasses protect against eye strain and can help you get a better nights sleep. Do you spend time a lot of time in front of screens? Maybe you work an office job? If so, these glasses might be for you. They provide safety against UV light, are durable, and not easily worn or scratched.

With natural fibre acetate and traditional plastic frames, this pair is natural and comfortable to wear.

2) Bixby Sunglasses

This premium pair of sunglasses prevent reflection and protect your eyes as you enjoy the sun. They include category 3 tinting, and protect against damage done as a result of exposure to UV rays.

The keyhole bridge and winking arch make this pair a unique one to wear. It has old-style classic features but with a modern frame, making it suitable for all.

3) Mackinac Blue Light Glasses

All Mackinac glasses are durable and prevent scratching. The blue light technology works just like it does with the Bixby glasses to promote better eye health, protection from strain, and better rest.

These glasses will give off a riveting look. The frames are top-quality making it a pair that’s loved by many.

4) Mackinac Sunglasses

The Mackinac Sunglasses feature square lens, and allow for smooth wearing. This classic eye wear is perfect for protection from the sun when you’re out enjoying the heat.

Here, you’ll get a style of glasses that will make you look like a jazz player. It’s bold, gives a look of confidence, and will send the cool look of a musician to anyone who wears them.

5) RaMbLeR SuNgLaSsEs

Rambler Sunglasses come with bold lines and flexible for wearing at any time. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, this pair fits well. The lenses are large at 52mm, giving this pair a mysterious look.

This pair in inspired by looks from McQueen, Shinola, and a touch of Bond. The frames take inspiration from Shinola’s signature eyewear. Carry them in the case as they hold flat and fit nicely into your pocket.

We’ve looked as five different types of eyewear that you can choose from when browsing online for your pair. Do you suffer from eye strain? Perhaps your eyes struggle in the sun? Choosing a pair that suits you for whatever your needs will be important to ensure your eyes are protected and remain in good health. Shinola provide you with a range of glasses online so that you can relax while knowing that you’ll easily be covered.

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