8 Pairs Of Men’s Frames Available For You To Choose


Pair Eye Wear are provide many available eye wear for men. Here, we’ll run through eight men’s frames from the collection so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1) The Kirby

The Kirby glasses are great option if you’re looking a pair of frames that are are more square shaped. They’re a perfect fit for wide faces and if you’re wanting a more bigger sized look.

2) The Larkin

The Larking is light weight with great fitting. It’s flexibility, durable, and is comfortable to wear. The polycarbonate lenses are top quality and avoid reflection.

3) The Finley

The Finley offers a more rectangular shaped pair of frames. They’re medium in width and therefore will be a great choice as they will fit the majority of faces.

4) The Casper

The Casper is a fantastic choice for medium width faces. If you’re face is more snug, this one will be a great choice as it fits in well to a narrow face.

5) The Twain

With the Twain, children from the age of 9 and above get to experience this flexible and durable pair of frames. It includes spring hinges, and light in weight, and popular to wear. They can withstand impact and avoid reflection, therefore being a great choice for your child.

6) The Reece

The Reece looks well on a more rounded, narrower, and smaller fitting face.

7) The Otis

The Otis gives a contemporary look. it hold round lenses and wide frames with a key-hole shaped bridge for the nose to fit nicely into. It’s one of the biggest frames available from Pair Eye Wear and for men.

8) The Soto

The Soto is a classic pair, and contains a key-hole bridge also for the nose, just like The Otis. Since it’s medium fitting, it can be a great choice for most wearers as it will fit nicely into the majority of faces.

Choosing a pair of glasses today isn’t easy since the market is strong and prices greatly vary. But with pair Eye Wear you choose from a range of pairs of frames that will fit nicely into different shapes of faces. They also come in different designs, you can have the freedom to choose from their men’s frames section, all priced at $60 each.

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