All About Hair Accessories


Hair accessories are small decorations of styles worn on the hair, usually attached with clips or tie-backs. Hair accessories include headbands, barrettes , headwraps, ribbons , scrunchies , clips, and bows . No matter what type of hair accessory it is, they come in different colors and sizes to suit your needs.

Headbands – Headbands are flexible bands that cover the hair on the head. They can be worn for sport, fashion or to hold hair in place.

Barretes – Hair barrettes are small clips that keep hair from falling out of a hairstyle. Usually made with metal and rubber, they have two parts that slide in the hair. Hair barrettes can be worn to keep your hair back or hold braids in place .

Headwraps – Headwraps are usually only worn on the head when doing sports. They are like a cloth bandana except thicker and sturdier, with ties attached at each end of the headwrap.

Headwraps can be worn to cover the hair, usually on a hot day or when doing sports. It can also hold buns in place and add decoration .

Ribbons – Ribbons are usually on hair accessories such as bows, but they can also just be plain ribbons on an elastic string . Ribbon is usually worn for decoration, but they can also be held in the hair with bobby pins .

Scrunchies – Scrunchies are used to keep unruly or wet hair under control. They could hold long pigtails in place , or tie up your whole head of hair so it doesn’t get frizzy when it’s raining. Scrunchies are usually made of cloth or paper, and either have a small piece of elastic at the end or tied into a knot.

Clips – Hair clips are used to decorate the hair, mostly on little girls . They have two pieces that come down so it can clip onto your hair easily . The top part is decorative and the bottom is a low-key rubber piece that keeps it from falling out of your hair.

Bows – Bows are usually decorated with ribbons or cloth, and can be found on almost anything that goes in your hair, such as ponytails . They have small pieces of elastic at each end so they stay in your hair.

Hair accessories are usually found in dressforms and hair salons . They can also be found at some grocery stores, but there is a bigger selection on the internet. There are many different colors to suit your needs, and they all have their own uses. Hair accessories make a good gift for a girl who enjoys shiny things in her hair.

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